German Import

Njord Halsnaes

Denna Halsnaes

Gender: Male

DOB: 6 June 2008

Red dun

14.3 hh - 9.25" cannon bone

Njord will be standing at stud for outside mares here in Oregon spring & early summer 2023 and in Clyde Park in Montana with our dear friend and partner Wendy from mid summer through the fall. He is available for fresh and frozen semen year-round!

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Evaluation Denmark 2012

8897 88 678 8

Breed Type: 8

Head: 8

Neck/shoulder: 9

Topline: 7

Front legs : 8

Back legs: 8

Walk: 6

Trot: 7

Canter: 8

Overall Impression: 8

Total Progeny report

Europe: 83

North America: 3

Stud services available!

We're over the moon excited to be adding this stunning redhead to our breeding program!

Co-owned with Jenny Barnes (Footnote Farm) and Wendy Bauwens (Sunnyside Fjords) Njord will be available for frozen and fresh shipped semen as well as live cover service in Montana, Oregon and Arizona at varied times of the year. Please inquire for location, pricing, contracts and booking. Private-treaty agreements for approved Fjord mares only.

Njord was born under the renowned Halsnæs breeding name in 2008 and approved in Denmark in 2012 with premium status. Two years later, this beautiful red dun Norwegian Fjord stallion was also given premium status in Alsfeld, Germany after a long, rigorous inspection. Njord spent five years breeding, riding and driving at the prestigious Eitenmuller Family Farm in Mossautal, Germany from 2014 – 2019. He was a treasured best friend during that time. As one of the most frequented stallions Njord has dozens of sought-after offspring all over Europe. His pedigree is top-notch:

His sire Norsk Rann: 10988 78 877 overall 9

His dam Renna Halsnaes: 99108 87 868 overall 9 - First premium mare and filly of the year twice as yearling and once as 2 year old.

His grandsire Pikant Halsnaes: 10999 99 899 overall 9 - Elite stallion and "Stallion of the year" title

Jenny Barnes later imported this wonderful horse to Footnote Farm in Langly, British Columbia, Canada in 2019 where she trained Njord for frozen semen collection so that his genetics could be cherished for generations to come. In 2022, Njord made his final migration to the United States where he will make his debut as a breeding stallion and continue to show the world what a remarkable, beautiful and gentle creature he truly is.

Njord has an exceptional mind paired with a lovely calm and gentle nature, true to Fjord character. He has outstanding body and movement to match which allows him to excel at any discipline. We’re excited to put him on the modern map for Fjord Breeding and bring back some of his bloodlines more common to Europe. Njord will, without a doubt, continue to put unbelievable foals on the ground and help to diversify and improve U.S. genetics.








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