Sunnyside Smedsmo's Rea

Smedsmo's Graen
Kamilla's Tyri

Gender: Female

DOB: 6 June 2021


Rea is the culmination of a dream and goal I had harbored for a long time. When I first moved to the US and started looking into Fjord breeders here, Sunnyside farms stood out to me right away. I followed Wendy's program for several years and when our own place and lives were finally ready, I placed a deposit for my dream combination of the famous stallion Smedsmo Graen and Kamilla's Tyri, both Norwegian imports and highly evaluated in their home country - the Mother Country of Fjords so to speak.

And behold, just two days after my own birthday Tyri blessed us with a jaw-droppingly beautiful filly! Rea is a stunning little girl. Bold, friendly, built like a tank yet very balanced - with the most beautiful head. I have no doubt that she will fill the shoes of excellence that names of both of her parents carry. Rea is currently enjoying wonderful teenage years with her best friend Edda on our 90 acres.

Norwegian Import

Smedsmo's Graen







Norwegian Import

Kamilla's Tyri

Solli Graen

Lunner Graen

Veslegraa Videi


Stas Raden